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What pram should I buy?

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I was in a children's boutique this morning and a woman walked in with her $2000 pram. She told the shop assistant it was marvellous but she felt sick when she thought how much money she'd spent.
I chimed in with "Well, that brand probably has a good resale value."
"Oh no" the mum said. "We're trying to sell the previous model of this brand, and we're not going to get even $600 for it." 

Now, am I a complete tightwad, or is this starting to sound completely ridiculous? Spending money that makes you feel sick can't be healthy for your bank balance, relationship, future spending habits or personal wellbeing. I've done it myself splurging on a "must have" dress - and it can reduce the enjoyment of wearing the thing. 
$2000 twice though, for a baby (who was out of the pram in a flash and running around the shop) seemed excessive. 

By contrast, I was demonstrating to the store owner the manduca baby carrier which has a top model (limited edition organic fabric) price of $189. Even the highest priced, other-brand carriers come in at under $300.
 And I know people who have emerged unscathed (with social standing intact)  from the experience of buying a $500 pram, or even a secondhand one. 
The uber-chic mother who buys her green products and organic produce should certainly be seen to be promoting "vintage" baby furniture and prams. 

If you simply can't be seen without the "it" pram, consider this. Most shop owners I know speak very candidly about constant repairs needed on some top brands. Talk to your shop owner about which pram is least likely to need repairs...I can tell you one brand that comes up very well is Maclaren (I had one myself and was very hard on the poor thing).
It's up to you which pram you buy, but take it from this mum - that $2000 in the bank (instead) is very chic.