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Being a grandparent (when you're not).

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Don't you just love Grandparents Day at school? Especially when you don't have a grandparent less than a day's drive or flight away? 
As usual, I throw a huge bag of mother's guilt over my shoulder and hump it down to Grandparents Day to be the stand-in grandma. 
With my roots stubbornly grey after a recent dye job, I fit right in, and settle down in the hall to wait for my kids to star. 
Then, on come the littlies (none of mine) singing "I'd do Anything" from Oliver. 
Like every Grandma in the room, I'm soon swimming in tears...these little singers are just too cute.
On it goes, and sentiment turns to stoicism. I am the Queen, standing sure-footed as the 10th ensemble stands and bows. Luckily I have a few daughters, so get a fair representation in the lengthy concert. 
Then, it's over. I'm the first out and fairly fly off to the classroom. 
"YOUR MUM"S HERE!! shout the my 6yo's friends. 
She works her way through the crowd, arms outstretched and a radiant smile like that scene in Forrest Gump, and just for a moment I AM Grandma, and I AM completely moved by this enchanting granddaughter. 
We go through her work and admire her pictures, all of which I've seen every day at drop off. But today, it has a special magic for us both. 
I watch my 9yo in the band, and she smiles and waves. I hug my 11yo.
I have my cup of tea with the other Grandmas, and leave on a high. 
Tonight I'll be ordinary mum again, but just for a bit, I got a glimpse of them from a pedestal.