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Baby Care Products

Parents on the go will appreciate our range of stainless steel baby bottles from Pacific Baby. These thermal baby bottles are a new addition to our growing range of online baby products.  These BPA-free baby bottles are insulated, so they keep liquids at temperature for up to six hours. This way, parents can enjoy travelling or being out and about with their baby, without having to seek out warm water to make up a bottle. Having a stainless steel baby bottle from Pacific Baby is handy in more ways than one. You can rest assured that the eco-friendly baby bottles are robust, well made and unbreakable. All the plastic components comply with Australian food grade standards. Many customers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand are enjoying the surge in eco-friendly baby products, including stainless steel baby bottles. These thermal baby bottles from Pacific Baby are more versatile than most, with accessories to convert the wide-necked baby bottle in stainless steel toddler sipper cups and stainless steel drink bottles for childcare and preschool. Many baby bottles are available, but only the Pacific Baby insulated baby bottles have the versatility and quality at a good price. Features include a measurement scale on the inside of the baby bottle, and different flow speed teats.  The Pacific Baby baby bottles are compatible with most wide-necked baby bottle accessories, such as sipper or straw tops and teats.

If you’re on the move, why bother with a pram – use a baby carrier instead. If you’re going up and down stairs, on and off trains and buses, it is so much more convenient to use a manduca® baby carrier. With all the versatility you’ll ever need, manduca can be worn as a front baby carrier, backpack baby carrier or hip carrier as well. Organic cotton next to baby’s skin, and a number of patented design features, manduca is definitely the premium choice among baby slings and carriers.