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How To Order

Fertile Mind has a wide range of retail stockists where you can buy our great maternity clothes and nursing wear - simply select the item you are interested in and click 'Find a Shop.'

You can also purchase securely online - it's as easy as following the prompts through our checkout process.

Step 1: Select the product you want by browsing the on-line categories, or by clicking on the brand.

Step 2: Select the colour you would like and the available sizes will be updated. You will be advised if you have missed a selection.

Step 3: Click 'Add to Cart'.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 for additional items you want to buy. When you have finished shopping, click 'proceed to checkout'.

Step 5: There are several steps in the checkout process, but you will be automatically prompted to enter your billing details, shipping address, and credit card information. The system will automatically calculate the freight cost for your purchase based on your shipping address. Fertile Mind's step-by-step online purchase system uses the latest SSL encryption to ensure your order is processed securely.

Step 6: If you encounter any problem as you make your purchase, for example your browser crashes during the checkout process and you need to find out if your order has gone through, please contact us.

That's it! You've made a successful purchase, and we thank you for your business or for supporting our valuable stockists.

Note for Overseas Customers: The prices displayed on this site include Australian Goods and Services Tax, currently levied at 10%  on most products - but if the billing address is overseas, then this is an export, and the GST will be removed from the amount we charge you during the checkout process. So the prices are even cheaper than they look!

Other Purchase Options

If, for any reason, you do not wish to purchase Fertile Mind's maternity wear online, there are a number of choices:

1. Click on the 'Contact Us' link, complete your details and request an order form (Australia only).

2. Call us on 1 800 757 777 (Australia only) to place an order and make a credit card payment over the phone.