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Manduca Baby Carriers

Manduca Baby Carrier Olive

Voted “Best Buy” by Mother&Baby magazine when tested against other leading baby carriers and slings (April/May 2010)

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  • Carries baby in the “M position” – best for baby’s comfort and development*
  • Reduced fatigue for wearer, with weight carried on the hip and more padding in the straps.
  • Broad sitting base for baby while supporting thighs
  • 100% certified organic cotton against baby’s skin, with outer layer organic cotton/hemp mix
  • Suitable for carrying newborns (from 3.5kg) with a built in insert and up to pre-schoolers (20kg)
  • Baby’s back and neck are supported, and support extends as baby grows
  • Integrated headrest/sunshade tucks away when not in use
  • Two handed unclasp action of hip clips for extra security
  • Designer limited editions are 100% organic cotton
  • LIMITED EDITION PRINTS available now
  • PLEASE NOTE: Express Posted Manducas will be sent without box
  • Can not be sold to customers in the UNITED STATES - patent restriction

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Testimonials & Reviews

Ok so I had a huge review all typed out and went to submit it and it got deleted so now i will try and remember what I typed. I loved the box it arrived in. The carry handle is very useful and the compact size is practical. The way the Manduca was folded in the box was brilliant but as soon as I unfolded it I couldn’t get it back in (a carry bag would be handy to store the carrier in when not in use) I sat down to read the manual and found it difficult to find the english instructions as all translations are on the same page (maybe sectioning them out would be easier to read especially if you have toddlers running around) I did a dry run (without baby) and it was a bit fiddly getting used to what tag goes where. Practicing in front of the mirror as suggested in the manual was handy as well as some videos on youtube. Perhaps a dvd tutorial could be included with the printed manual. I grabbed my miss 2.5 (16kgs and 92cms tall) and we had a go at the piggy back hold. It was awkward getting her into the carrier and getting it clipped and adjusted but once she was in I felt comfortable and felt she was really secure. We did a few laps of the lounge room and I’m keen to try this position for a longer time frame. Our big adventure was shopping. I had a few practice goes at home in front of the mirror with miss 5 months (8kgs and 70cms long) and found the crossed straps to be more comfortable for me. So we were out and about for an hour and a half and I had miss 5mths in the Manduca the whole time. She even dozed off for 30mins. She did get a little cranky when she couldn’t look out and see the world as she usually can in her pram. Towards the end of our trip I found my shoulders were starting to pull a little and the waist/hip strap was digging in where it wasn’t on the padding. Surprising to me I had no lower back pain and thats where I usually get it with my other carrier. Once I get more confident with “strapping” the kids in I will add some photos of our adventures. When practicing its best to wear fairly fitted clothes as its easier to find the straps, also wearing a bra is handy so you get a true feel for the Manduca. Feel free to ask me any questions or to ask me to test in certain situations.

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More Information

Shell: 55% hemp/45% organic cotton

Lining: 100% organic cotton

Machine wash at 30 degrees with mild detergent, do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean.

Standard Editions Made in China

The manduca 3-in-1 baby carrier really does grow with your child from newborn to pre-school, making it excellent value, as you will use it for years.

From birth, it’s a baby front carrier, with your newborn held safely by the built-in infant pouch (newborn insert). From approximately three months old, your Manduca carrier becomes a baby hip carrier, then finally, from 6 months, a baby back carrier.

Unfold the hidden head and neck support (when needed), to cradle your baby’s sleeping head. The ingenious extendable back provides great support for bigger children (up to 20kg) or extra head support for newborns.

Manduca is all about having fun and enjoying the freedom of babywearing! We showed how manduca could make your next holiday easier at a recent Sydney show with a tropical theme, and some enthusiastic manduca wearers!

"Just a quick note to thank you for sending the Manduca Baby Carrier. I've ended up using it every day. Sapphira loves it, it's comfortable for both of us, and makes breastfeeding in public so easy. I took her around Taraonga Zoo recently. Here we are in the gondola." Tara Moss.

Visit the Australian Manduca Baby Carrier website

Manduca M Position (mabc-manduca_m_position.jpg)

*Baby’s knees are higher than their bottom – creating an M shape – orthopedically ideal. The M position corresponds to a baby’s natural position and helps their hips to mature as nature intended. The baby’s knees are pulled up, often as high as the tummy button. In this way, the baby’s legs and bottom form a capital “M”.

See our Demonstration Video on YouTube



International Babywearing Week at the inaugural Sydney Manduca Babywearing Walk, October 5 2010, at Manly Beach.

The theme this year is “Safe Babywearing. Close enough to kiss.”  

Manly turned on a beautiful day for the Sydney Manduca Baby wearing Walk to launch International Baby wearing Week.

Mums (and one dad!) wearing their babies walked the length of Manly Beach before congregating for a picnic at the Queenscliff playground.

How delightful to see so many mums and bubs enjoying the closeness of baby wearing.

Baby Wearing Walk

Manduca Baby Carrier Olive Manduca Baby Carrier Olive
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