Maternity wardrobe essentials

If you thought being pregnant meant you had to kiss goodbye to fashion, then think again. Long gone are the days where stretchy leggings and baggy t-shirts are the staple wardrobe of the average pregnant woman. Nowadays it is possible to look good and feel great, thanks to Fertile Mind, an online shop that specialises in the very latest maternity clothes.

Fertile Mind has a huge range of clothes available for all your wardrobe needs. Whether you are in need of work clothes, threads to chill around the house in or something a bit more formal, you are guaranteed to find something. There is no need to spend a fortune, providing you plan and work out what the key essential pieces are that you need.

For the early stages of your pregnancy, when your belly is starting to thicken, you will find that maternity trousers may be too big for you. However, most women discover that during their first trimester their normal clothes start to feel a little tight. For that awkward in-between stage, Fertile Mind recommends the belly band, which is a fantastic invention that allows you to alter your regular clothes so you can continue to wear them until you are ready for maternity clothes.

The belly belt is a large, stretchy bit of material, which is attached to the fly of your trousers, jeans or skirt to cover up the fact you may not be able to do fasten the item of clothing anymore. The belly band is fabulously versatile as it can also be worn as a comfortable bando, which you may find more comfortable instead of a bra.

As your tummy continues to expand, you might find your regular tights too uncomfortable to wear. Fertile Mind sells the SoftTights Microfibre Maternity Tights, which are ideal for pregnant women. Not only are they super soft, stretchy and have a cotton gusset, but they also come in a range of sizes and will fit over your bump, so you won’t be constantly pulling them up. News reader and author Jacinta Tynan, who famously went into labour on air while presenting Sky News Australia, wore SoftTights Microfibre Maternity Tights during both her pregnancies. She says she found they fit “beautifully” over her belly and has praised them calling the tights a “brilliant invention”.

To view any of the above products or to see what else Fertile Mind has on offer, head online today.

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Show off your long legs during your pregnancy

Being pregnant is a very special and important stage of a woman’s life. Make the most of your changing figure and embrace your new curves by showing off your beautiful bump. Just because you are carrying a baby, does not mean you have to hide away in baggy and ill-fitting clothes. Maternity wear nowadays has come a long way and is designed to make you look good and feel great. Who says that just because you are pregnant you can no longer show off your legs and flaunt your new curves?

If you are looking for the ultimate maternity piece of clothing, then consider investing in a pair of skinny jeans that have been designed especially to cater for your growing bump. Fertile Mind’s Seraphine Jennifer Maternity Skinny Jeans are extremely versatile. They can be dressed up or down, depending on whether you are heading into the office, or just chilling out at home. Team them with a pair of heels, if you dare, or throw on a pair of your most trusted flip flops.

The slim skinny cut is extremely flattering and comes fitted with a mid bump band, which means these jeans will take you right through your pregnancy and beyond. They are extremely comfortable and will go with most things in your wardrobe. They come in two eye-catching colours – a bright blue and a bold red.
Having a pair of trusty jeans in your maternity wardrobe means you will always have something to wear. Not only that, but looking good during your pregnancy will lift your mood, make you feel attractive and boost your confidence.

Not only are the maternity jeans from Fertile Mind the ultimate piece of clothing for any pregnant lady, but they are currently on sale, which makes them even more appealing! Do not leave it too long before you make your purchase though, as there are only limited sizes left. Buying them from Fertile Mind means you can skip dealing with unhelpful sales assistants and queuing for the changing rooms. You can purchase your maternity jeans from the sanctity of your sofa, with your feet up and a cool drink beside you.

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The perfect pair – Organic Manduca Fumbees

When you become a mum for the first time, you want to give your off spring the very best start in life. During the nine month wait, there is lots of preparation to do. That might include attending ante natal classes, painting the nursery and making sure you have everything that you might need once baby arrives.

For a small person, your baby sure will need a lot of stuff. That all important baby list, which has all the essential items you need to purchase before the big day, is probably growing by the day. But before you hit the shops, there is one small but important item you should think about which some people might overlook.

The Manduca Fumbee Accessory is a unique organic cotton pad, which acts as a strap protector and dribble pad for use with baby carriers, especially the Manduca carrier. But what is unique about this item is it is great for babies who like to chew as they are drawn to the luxurious Manduca fabric. The Fumbee also has special pressure points which your little one can play with. Not only that, but it is safe, easy to remove, and can be popped into the washing machine when need be.

Although the Fumbee was designed to fit the Manduca carrier, it can also be attached to most baby carriers, slings, car seat straps and seat belts making this an incredibly versatile product. The beautiful feel of the protector means it makes an excellent comforter to your little one as you carry him or her around. It can be easily packed away and taken anywhere, making it an all round essential item for you and your baby.

Fumbees are made from all organic cotton. It’s so important with textile products that will go into your baby’s mouth to consider the organic option. If ever there was a product well suited to organic fabric, it’s a strap protector or suck pad.

Fastening the Fumbee could not be easier thanks to the hook and loop fastening provided. The system is also completely safe should your baby get hold of it alone. The Fumbee comes in a choice of three colours, grey, red and chocolate and costs $24.95 from online maternity store Fertile Mind. Head online to order your set today!

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Baby feeding essentials

Whether you decide to breast feed or bottle feed, there are a few key items you might need to help make the task of feeding your baby a little easier.

Breast feeding in particular can take some women a while to get used to. Some experience sore nipples or find their child might struggle to latch on, while some find breast feeding in public can be a little strange at first. Online maternity shop, Fertile Mind, sells essential baby products that once you start using you will find have become essential to the frequent routine of feeds.

The Milkbar portable nursing pillow is a wonderful invention as it can help support your baby and your arm during feeds. The lightweight and compact design means you can take it with you when you are out and about. The unique shape of the cushion is perfectly contoured to the correct breastfeeding position, which in the beginning can be challenging for new mums to master. The washable cover and inner pillow means you can relax if feeding gets a bit messy and extra pillow covers are now also available to buy.

The Pacific Baby Thermal Baby Bottles keep liquids at the required temperature for up to six hours. This means life can be made significantly easier for mothers who are bottle feeding their babies, as there is no need to wait for a kettle to boil or the hot water to cool down. Breast feeding mums can also express milk, refrigerate it, and keep it cool through the day in a thermal baby bottle.The versatile design of the bottle means it can be easily converted to a sip cup for when your little one is older. They are compatible with most wide neck teats and are steamer and dishwasher safe. They are completely safe to use as they are not only BPA free, but they also meet Australian food grade standards and are also free of PVC and phthalates.

The Kyrawear Night/Sleep Bra has been specifically designed to make night-time feeds as simple as possible. There are no hooks or clips to undo and they offer just enough support, without feeling restrictive. It is extremely important that breast feeding mums wear supportive and comfortable underwear, which is why this garment makes the ideal item to have on hand.

For more information on any of the products mentioned, or to order something from Fertile Mind, head online today.

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Feel like princess

Just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to rely on stretchy leggings and baggy tops throughout the entire nine month period. Expecting a baby is a wonderful time, which is why you should embrace your changing figure and do all you can to show it off.

Maternity wear nowadays, such as the clothes sold by Fertile Mind, is trendy as well as comfortable. By investing in a few key pieces of maternity wear, you can make sure you look great throughout your pregnancy.

Fertile Mind has thought of everything and sells maternity wear for all sorts of occasions. The website offers clothes suitable for work, hanging out at home and socialising. Fertile Mind even has outfits that are suitable for special events, such as a wedding or birthday party.

The 6WayDress is one of Fertile Mind’s best sellers, as it can be worn in six different ways. This means you can dress it up or down, depending on what sort of event you are attending. It is wonderfully comfortable and extremely flattering. Not only that, but the dress has built-in bust support and is available in most sizes up to an 18. It looks great with flip flops or heels, and changing the style of dress you want is simple.

The Seraphine Ingrid Black Lace Maternity Cocktail Dress is an ideal outfit for any formal occasion. The black lace dress has been designed to flatter pregnant women, no matter how their body changes. The clever cut of the garment means it will adapt perfectly to all stages of your pregnancy, so you can wear it as many times as you want.

If the heat is getting you down, but you still need a formal outfit to wear, then look no further than Fertile Mind’s Seraphine Thora Ivory Printed Silk Maternity Cocktail Dress. Its floaty and light material makes it a perfect summer dress, whilst the halter neck design offers you that extra support around the breast area. Not only that, the dress comes with discreet silicone support and has a pleated empire line belt, which helps to create a slimming look.

If trousers are more your thing, then why not bag yourself a pair of Seraphine Petra Straight Leg Trousers? These trousers are so versatile and comfortable even Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has been spotted wearing them out and about. Black trousers can be worn with pretty much anything, which is why they become an essential part of most pregnant women’s maternity wardrobes.

Visit Fertile Mind’s online store to see any of the products mentioned above.







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Celebrate the new year with a new wardrobe!

If you are set to meet your bundle of joy for the first time this year, then why not kick off 2013 as a yummy mummy and invest in a brand new wardrobe? Just because you are expecting a baby does not mean you have to kiss goodbye to your stylish side and live in unflattering leggings and baggy tops for nine months.

Fertile Mind is a fabulous online maternity store with a huge range of clothes that have been designed specifically for pregnant women. You will find clothes for all occasions, whether you need a few key items for the office, or a special one-off dress for that all important wedding. All the clothes available on the Fertile Mind website are flattering, comfortable and on trend. They come in all different sizes and colours and you will be amazed at the affordable prices, which have just been lowered even further in the January sale.

Maternity Clothes

Many women assume that maternity clothes won’t be useful after the baby arrives. In reality that’s not true – provided a woman chooses the right maternity wear, these clothes can continue to be great assets in her wardrobe. For example, Fertile Mind’s gorgeous 6 Way Dress is equally flattering when not pregnant; and many women continue to wear their super comfortable and maternity jeans well after their baby is a toddler. So, that’s why the Fertile Mind sale must not be missed. You will find tons of online bargains, which are guaranteed to keep you bang on trend from now until birth and way beyond.

Step into the same make of jeans that Danni Minogue wore when she was pregnant and bag yourself a pair of Seraphine Skinny Maternity Jeans, currently reduced from $99.95 to $60. More than 50 per cent has been marked off the Ruffle Dress in Python Print and the practical Mothers en Vogue Uma Drape Nursing Dress is only $30.

Another reason to take advantage of the sale is you will need to purchase a few must-have items for your hospital bag at some point. Fertile Mind currently has some great offers on maternity knickers and a great range of nursing bras and nighties as well. Buying from Fertile Mind means your hospital kit will be practical and chic, whilst not costing the earth.
With so much to choose from in Fertile Mind’s fantastic New Year sale, the only problem you are likely to encounter is which items not to buy. But remember, like all sales, there is limited stock and once it’s gone, it really is gone.

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What is the right temperature for baby’s milk?

Pacific Baby Thermal Baby Bottles

There are so many things to remember as a new mum, which is why the first few weeks of your baby’s life can be quite daunting. Not only are you responsible for this brand new tiny human being who is completely dependent on you, but you are no doubt extremely sleep deprived, sore and probably very emotional.

As all parents discover, nurturing a baby is not always as easy as it looks. Your beautiful baby, who will sit happily gurgling away one minute, can very suddenly become irritable and unhappy . In the early days, understanding the needs of your baby can be quite simple: they are either tired, wet or hungry. It is your job to understand what their particular need is and take care of it as quickly as you possibly can.

However, if you are bottle feeding, speed is not always easy. Mixing up the formula and warming the milk to the right temperature takes only minutes, but with a screaming baby sat beside you, those minutes can feel like hours. However, there is a solution out there which will mean you can risk taking your baby out in public without the fear of them screaming the place down.

Thermal baby bottles from Pacific Baby, which can be found on the Fertile Mind website, can keep liquids at the optimum temperate for up to six hours. The ideal milk temperature for most babies is around 37°C (98.5°F), so you can warm up the water before you leave the house and provide a warm drink for your bundle of joy hours later.  There is minimum fuss and is ideal for any parent who is constantly on the go.

The stainless steel thermal baby bottles have proven to be a huge success. Not only are they practical, but they are compatible with most wide neck teats. They are also BPA free and extremely affordable at under $30. The vacuum seal means there is no danger of any spillages and they are also suitable for older children as you can easily convert the bottle into a sip cup.

There are four colourful designs to choose from and each thermal baby bottle comes with a full one year warranty. Not only that but they are also dishwasher and steamer safe and the silicone teats are available in Slow, Medium and Fast flow. So, visit Fertile Mind for your baby bottles today and make one less thing stressful for you and bub.

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Womama wrap dress – work hard, play hard!

Expecting a baby is an amazing and special experience, one which most women will treasure forever. As your hormones change, so will your body. Your nails might grow faster and your hair might shine more, which is why pregnant women are often described as blooming. However, not all women feel beautiful as their pregnancy progresses. Swollen ankles, achy joints, flatulence, sickness and back ache are just a few of the complaints that some experience. If pregnancy is getting you down, then its time you hit the high street and go shopping.

Just because you are pregnant does not mean that you have to live in leggings and a baggy t shirt. Thanks to online maternity shop Fertile Mind, it is possible to dress fashionably and comfortably during your pregnancy. Whether you need a whole new work wardrobe or have a wedding to attend, Fertile Mind has the right outfit for you.

Fertile Mind offers a whole range of maternity wear, suitable to be worn throughout your entire pregnancy. Looking good and feeling great is an important part of your pregnancy, which is why you need to find clothes that make you do just that.

One of the most popular items that Fertile Mind sells is the Womama Wrap Dress. This garment has become an instant hit with expectant mothers as it meets all their needs. It is incredibly flattering and comfortable and customers say the dress makes them feel feminine again. Many women have found it is not only a key part of their maternity wardrobe, but an essential item to pack in their hospital bag as it can also be worn as a nightie.  Some even choose to wear it during labour because they find it so comfortable. It is also an incredibly practical dress to throw on if you are breast feeding because the wrap design makes getting access to your chest much easier.

The Womama Wrap Dress is made from organic cotton, which is lightweight and breathable. It is also incredibly versatile and can be worn as a dress to work in smart flats or as part of a casual outfit with leggings. Fertile Mind stock three sizes, small, medium or large, but because of the dress has been designed to grow with your tummy, it will still fit once you reach 40 weeks. It is available in three different colours which are red, black or teal.

Visit Fertile Mind online now for more information or to order the Womama Wrap Dress.

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Fertile Mind – Pregnant Fashionista

Fertile Mind Maternity Clothes

It’s the question on the lips of pregnant women everywhere – how do I manage maternity wear without looking dowdy? How can I give my mood and appearance a lift? Finally, Fertile Mind has the answer. Discover the joys of pregnancy this summer without having to compromise on your personal style, with the Seraphine range of maternity fashion from Fertile Mind.

At Fertile Mind, we understand that pregnant woman don’t just automatically abandon all sense of personal style the moment they fall pregnant. But we also understand that maternity wear needs to be designed with practicality and comfort in mind.  From “maternity investments” to “must-have pregnancy staples”, below is Fertile Mind’s new line of summer maternity essentials for the fashionably pregnant woman.

Many pregnant women will tell you that shopping for maternity pants that are both flattering and comfortable is just about impossible. There’s no need to fall back on yoga or sweat pants, and you can be the fashionable woman you want to be while pregnant. Try the Seraphine Danni Vintage Straight Leg Maternity Jeans from Fertile Mind. These maternity staples combine the practicality of an adjustable waist band with the style and shape of regular pants, and can be adapted to suit almost any look – from nighttime chic to day time casual.

Up top, a waist tie shirt, like the Pearl Ivory Maternity blouse or Jasmine Maternity Tie Cardigan from Seraphine will flatter your changing silhouette, as you can tighten it during the early stages and let it out as your tummy grows. These fashion items will allow for a variety of mix and match options and remain comfortable and classy throughout your pregnancy.

And for something a little more feminine, the Justine and Dita Lace top Maternity dresses offer a trendy alternative to shapeless maternity sacks of yesteryear. This stunning summer wear can be dressed down for use during the day, or accessorised to create a classic party ensemble.

The key to finding maternity clothes that will fit and flatter throughout your pregnancy is a matter of knowing what details to look for. Don’t rush out and buy a bunch of maternity clothes in your first trimester. Wait to see how your body is going to change to see what clothes will best fit your figure.

For an extensive range of maternity wear that combine style, practicality, comfort and affordability, check out Fertile Mind’s range of maternity clothes online or call them on (02) 9905 0199.

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What to expect when you’re expecting – the five (unspoken) stages of pregnancy and how to cope.


Maternity Clothes Online

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the ‘post-card’ images of pregnancy. That glowing, mid 20’s model on the cover of the pregnancy magazine, flashing you her oh-so-flawless smile as she supports her perfectly rounded and stretch-mark-free belly.  Of course… anyone who has actually been pregnant knows it’s not always what the TV ads make it out to be. It can be a messy and sometimes frightening time filled with change and uncertainly.

No matter where you stand on the spectrum of motherhood – veteran, newbie, or expectant – the key to surviving pregnancy is knowing what to expect and dealing with it the best way you can. So for all you mothers-to-be, here’s a guide to what you can really expect when you’re expecting.

Stage 1: the “oh-my-gosh-I’m-knocked-up” phase

Whether your first reaction was to burst into tears of joy or freeze like a deer in headlights, the fact is that once that little ‘+’ sign appears on the home pregnancy test, you and your body are all systems go for the ride of your life – so strap in and hold on tight. Many new mothers don’t know what to expect and are fearful about the 9 months to come. Now’s a good time to read up on the changes your body can expect as you morph from a well composed and independent woman into a walking, talking baby making machine.

Stage 2: the “I’m not fat, I’m just pregnant” phase

This is that awkward phase that every mother goes through before they start to look noticeably pregnant. It’s the “I’m not fat, I’m just pregnant’ phase. For the next few months, you get to suffer through all the burdens of pregnancy minus that ‘noticeable glow’ everyone keeps telling you about. Those that know you’re pregnant keep asking you how you feel and the ones that don’t know keep giving you the “poor-thing’s-letting-herself-go” look. But short of wearing an “I’m pregnant” t-shirt, there’s nothing you can do about it… so let’s face it…you might as well finish off the rest of that mud cake and make it worth your while.

Stage 3: the “textbook pregnancy” phase

This is the moment in your pregnancy where things finally start to look like they do on TV. You’re past your morning sickness and you’ve gone and bought yourself a brand new maternity wardrobe online. Everyone keeps congratulating you and telling you how wonderful you look. You feel like you belong on the cover of your own motherhood magazine. This stage usually lasts for about 32 minutes. Enjoy it.

Stage 4: the ‘bowling ball’ phase.

You’ve lost sight of your lady bits and doing up your shoe laces is starting to feel like an Olympic event. You’re sick of people asking you when you’re due and you can’t wait to get this baby out. Even your maternity clothes are beginning to feel tight and your starting to develop a new found sympathy for the old and morbidly obese. You’ve stopped shaving your legs and it’s possible that while reading this article, you accidently peed yourself a little. The trick to getting through this oh-so-fun stage of the pregnancy is to busy yourself with preparations. Shop for baby clothes, decorate the nursery or pick out a handy hands free baby carrier. Anything to distract you from the 5 kilo bowling ball strapped to the front of your abdomen.

Stage 5: the ‘I-thought-the-hard-part-was-over” phase

The baby is here! You’re back to wearing your old clothes and have possibly even braved lingerie for the first time in god knows how long. You look back and wonder how on earth you survived those last 9 months. Now is the time where you discover all those things you needed but forgot to buy before the baby arrived.  But don’t stress! Fertile Mind is here to help. Fertile Mind has a range of maternity wear and post baby products for the down to earth mother-to-be. Their maternity experts know what you and your body are going through and offer friendly advice and a wide variety of handy pregnancy products. From “maternity investments” to “must-have pregnancy staples”, fertile mind has an extensive range of maternity products to help you survive the ‘joys’ of pregnancy.

For more information visit Fertile Mind’s online store or contact their friendly staff on (02) 9905 0199.

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