5 Baby Carrier Benefits

Baby carriers, originally developed as baby slings, were once the number one way to carry and transport young babies. Babywearing has been around since before the invention of the wheel, but with general advancement in technology has been replaced with more ‘modern’ styled solutions such as the pram. Unfortunately, as the practice has become less common, babies and mothers around the world are losing the many potential benefits gained from babywearing. Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits and conveniences that you can gain by using a baby carrier or baby sling for your little bundle of joy.


With the baby securely attached to your body there is no chance of accidental loss, and you and your child will feel safe and secure. No more hefting prams down the stairs onto a bus or on the street with a baby carrier. As well as this, research shows that the transition between the womb and the outside world is made easier as the baby feels your warmth and heartbeat, giving a sense of security with diminished anxiety and stress.

Better sleep

Looking at babies in cultures where baby wearing is a common practice, what do you notice? The babies cry less and sleep more. Research has shown that babies who are carried cry 43% less on average. It has also been found that babies in a babywearing carrier fall into a deeper, longer sleep. If your young one requires constant attention, give it a go and notice the difference right away!

Increased bonding, better emotional and physical development

It’s a known fact that one of the most important aspects of any child’s upbringing is plenty of bonding and attention. As the baby is close at all times it’s simple to communicate and allow the baby to learn and absorb your view of the world. As well as this, academics have noted that the close proximity allows parents to respond to “non-crying” signals, which results in less stress and frustration for you and baby.

More space, more movement

Why stroll onto a bus or train with a huge pram blocking paths and causing an inconvenience to not only yourself but all around you? Why pack a pram into the back of the car every time you want to go out? Why leave the baby to play alone on the floor when you can carry them around with you? With two hands free and no more space used than your body already takes, the baby carrier is the ultimate tool to getting things done with ease, enabling you and baby to do just about everything together!

Easy to breastfeed

Satisfy your baby’s hunger quickly and discreetly. A baby sling or carrier allows you to breastfeed easily and modestly anywhere and anytime due to its inherent design, making the act of breastfeeding easier for you and more comfortable for those around you.

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