Baby Bottles – Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to something as simple as the baby bottle, not many of us will take much more thought about buying one other than “how much does it cost?”, but there are a range of important factors to consider when purchasing your babies bottle. Let’s take a look at the main factors and how to choose the right baby bottle for your baby.

Bottles come in a range of sizes and materials with a host of different teats (or nipples). Unfortunately it’s not as easy as buying a bottle and assuming that baby will instantly adapt to that style. Just like any other human, each baby has their own preference for teat style and flow rate. Teats generally come in the original dark coloured latex material or the newer clear silicone bottle teats. Silicone teats hold a major advantage here as they don’t pick up smells or tastes and are more difficult to bite and chew through (resulting in potential choking hazards). Buy a few different flow rates to find out which your baby prefers – and this may increase as your baby grows anyway. One final note, if you’re formula feeding as well as breastfeeding, make sure the teat resembles a mothers nipple as much as possible. This generally means going for a wide base teat.

Bottle material has been a huge concern lately with toxins potentially released from plastic bottles and excessive heat being the major cause. Concerns have centred around plastic ingredients such as Bisphenol A (BPA). To combat this, many companies are now producing BPA free plastic or glass baby bottles. A further advance is the recent development of thermal stainless steel baby bottles by Pacific Baby. This design will keep water for formula warm or other liquids cool for up to 6 hours. They meet applicable US and EU standards, and all plastics meet Australian Food Grade standards. Aside from being very safe for baby’s health , they are also recyclable.

One of the last things on a person’s mind while buying a bottle is versatility. If your little one is at the stage where they will start drinking on their own, then they need more than a stainless steel baby bottle and teat top. Pacific Baby’s stainless steel baby bottles have the option of wide neck silicone teats (in a range of flow rates), a sip top and handle set for toddlers, and a drink top for older kids. These accessories mean that the same bottle can be used right up until school age. In fact, we know one 8 year old who is happily using her Pacific Baby stainless steel bottle at school.. Perfect for when it’s time to move on to bigger and better things!

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