Keep Your Precious Package Close

New parents only want the best for their child, and if they could wrap them up in cotton wool and hide them away until they were too old to put up with it, most parents would. However, the reality is that, these days, baby has to come just about everywhere. Whether it’s down to the shops, or even coming to work, sometimes you have to take your new born. However, hands get full and babies get uncomfortable. The solution to this is a Manduca baby carrier.

Manduca Baby Carriers

Manduca baby carriers are made to strap your baby onto your front to keep your hands free and your baby comfortable. The weight of the baby is carried evenly on the hips, and Manduca also features contains more padding on the arm straps, creating less strain on the neck and shoulders. This is great for you or whoever wants to carry your newborn. It is also comfortable for the baby, as it places them in an “M position”, which puts their knees higher than their bottom, which is orthopedically ideal for comfort and normal development.

Baby carriers come in varying sizes, designs and qualities, but with the Manduca baby carrier you can have the best. It suits newborns to toddlers, as it can be used both on the front and the back, and has added neck and back support that extends as the baby grows. It is rated at up to 20kg, yet its integrated infant insert means it’s great for small babies from 3.5kg. The Manduca baby carrier also comes with a headrest or sunshade that packs away easily, and two handed unclasp hip clips for additional safety.

For more information on the Manduca baby carrier, or to see what designs and styles they come in, take a look at baby carrier supplier, Fertile Mind. Their range of Manduca baby carriers come in a variety of patterns and colours. They also have a variety of maternity clothing and essentials for you and your baby. Look after your precious package with Fertile Mind’s Manduca baby carriers.

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