Keeping Fit During Pregnancy – Do’s & Don’ts for Fitness & Safety

Pregnancy is a very important and special phase in every woman’s life. Besides her body undergoing dramatic changes, she also gets to ride an emotional roller coaster, as she is always excited and concerned about her baby. Though some weight gain is inevitable in pregnancy, it is very important to eat well and to keep fit. Pregnancy, and especially birth, is marked by unique stresses and women need good health and strength to stand up to these stresses. Therefore they should take the best care of themselves so that they can be healthy during the period and after, when their lives will be even busier!

There are a certain number of do’s and don’ts for fitness and safety during pregnancy. Pregnant women should try to keep moving and stay active during pregnancy. The right way to exercise during pregnancy is, subject to medical advice, to keep up their normal daily activities and exercise such as walking, gentle yoga or flexibility exercises.  It is important that the mother should not overstress herself or her growing baby, while at the same time maintaining muscle tone and general fitness.

One should not think of dieting whilst pregnant. As the baby is in need of a full range of nutrients, one should try to keep the diet as healthy and balanced as possible. Few food items that should be completely avoided during the pregnancy period are seafood, soft cheese, alcohol, limited spicy food items and various types of junk food as they are either unhealthy, or in some cases even dangerous for the health of the mother and especially the baby.

Pregnancy Clothing

During pregnancy, it is important to wear comfortable clothing. Polyester and tight fitting uncomfortable clothes featuring uncomfortable elastic waist bands should be avoided. Many women experience heightened skin sensitivity on their bellies during pregnancy, and therefore garments with soft, expandable waistbands are ideal.

There is a large variety of pregnancy clothes available in the market. These clothes are often very comfortable, as they are designed keeping the needs of expecting mothers in mind. Pregnant mothers are no longer restricted to unfashionable baggy style clothes, with highly fashionable designer pregnancy clothing and maternity clothes now available.

Many mothers-to-be visit and find there a comprehensive range of maternity dresses, maternity jeans and belly bands.. Fertile Mind is a leading supplier of maternity clothes and other maternity related products to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Australia, New Zealand and many more countries.

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