Maternity Wear Essentials

Whether you’re planning to have a baby or you’ve just had one, there are a truckload of essential maternity items that will help you get the job done either with ease or with style. Let’s take a look at some of the most essential maternity items from pregnancy clothes to baby slings and pick the number one choice out of each range.

Pregnancy clothes – designed to make you look good and feel good, there are a heap of pregnancy friendly clothes ready to be worn by you at any time of the day (or night). The top pick for today? The 6WayDress. Designed to be worn any way you feel during and even after pregnancy, this dress is the ultimate for all mums-to-be (or mums!) who wants to look good and feel great during all outings and evenings.

Maternity wear accessories – from flowing panchos to the ultimate maternity solution – the belly belt. If you’re after something to make the pregnancy stage a breeze then maternity wear accessories are for you. The top pick for today? Perfect fit maternity undies. It’s not just the guys that crave “very comfy undies”, girls do to! If your undies just aren’t doing it for you during pregnancy gives these a go!

Breastfeed friendly clothing – if you’re after a breastfeeding top or a breastfeeding dress then you’re in luck. Fertile Mind has one of the largest ranges of breastfeed friendly clothing – you’ll have so much choice that you won’t be able to make up your mind! So, to help you out a little…the top pick for today? The Mothers en Vogue Sangha Waterfall Maternity and Nursing Wrap. With the cold months ahead, knows the time to grab this stylish waterfall cardigan to keep you and your baby warm while breastfeeding in these colder months.

Baby carriers and baby slings – if you’re still using a pram then put it away and grab a baby carrier or baby sling and reap the benefits of this classic babywearing technique. The top pick for today is the Manduca Limited Edition Baby Carrier. With integrated back and neck support, 100% certified organic cotton on all areas against the baby’s skin and the outer shell, extra long padded hip and shoulder straps and a developmentally sound baby seating position, you can’t go wrong with a Manduca baby carrier.

Tools and accessories – from stainless steel feeding bottles and baby friendly bottle tops to washable babywear. Fertile Mind has the baby accessories for you. The top pick for today? The Milkbar Portable Nursing Pillow. For an easier and more comfortable breastfeed, try this perfectly shaped nursing pillow and you’ll wish you found it earlier!

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