Summer Dresses For Mums-To-Be

Some women find it difficult to look good and feel comfortable when they are pregnant. Getting the right clothing can make all the difference. At Fertile Mind, you can get beautiful maternity clothing that is comfortable and affordable. Below are some of their maternity dresses on sale this Summer.
Maternity and Nursing Dress

This dress is a romantic blend of tiers and pastel colours. It has adjustable spaghetti straps, a gentle elasticised back, a generous skirt for both during and after your pregnancy and a drop cup nursing top for discreet access. This maternity dress is great for women who want something to last during their pregnancy and after they give birth, that is flattering and feminine.

  • Toga Ruffle Maternity and Nursing Dress

The Toga Ruffle dress is modern and flirty, perfect for helping you feel like a goddess from the inside out. It has one draped shoulder, dreamy ruffles and camouflaged hidden zippers for easy nursing access. This dress can be used at any stage of your pregnancy as well as afterwards.

Although this is a skirt, it is long enough to also be turned into a maternity dress. Simply fold the waistband out and over the chest area to turn it into a dress. This makes it both comfortable and convenient for a number of situations from a day at the beach to just relaxing at home.

  • Getaway Day Maternity and Nursing Dress

The Getaway Day dress is similar to the maxi except that it is shorter and comes in a few different colours. With similar features, this dress is great for any stage of your pregnancy and has the same drop nursing top for once bub is born.

To order a maternity dress or any other maternity clothing from Fertile Mind, take a look at their website. They have everything you and bub needs. Let your beauty shine with Fertile Mind today.

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