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2004 September Changing Careers to fit around my Babies

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My initial plan when I fell pregnant was to go back to full-time work four or five weeks after the baby was born, but a combination of things led me in a completely different direction. My job at Channel 7 finished and fell in love with      Caroline, my baby. On top of that I'd come up with what I thought was a great business idea, and I became obsessed with it.

I was working as a news reader, and obviously had to wear smart clothes, but I didn't want to have to go and buy a whole lot of new maternity clothes, so sewed something to cobble my suits together. Everyone kept telling me what a great idea it was and that became the maternity wear solution - Belly Belt.

I used to work from home, around the children. Then I got busier and busier and when got my second part-time employee decided to move out of the home and began working two days a week from an office. Now I’m three days a week within school hours, plus I work at Sky News on Sundays and we employ an au pair.

I would recommend that any woman takes at least six months off with their first baby in particular, because it's so extraordinary and nothing replaces that time. I was still working on the Belly Belt from day one and also working casually at Sky News from the time Caroline was four months old.

Being a mum is tiring and energising and refreshing all at once. I'm not a perfect mother - would hate people to think I've got it all together. Time and again I disappoint myself - I want my children to go off with salad sandwiches and they often end up with Vegemite. I made a conscious decision to try not to buy into mother's guilt a while ago.

Deep down I think the ideal is to stay at home with the children when they're young and then go to work when they're at school, but of course I'm not doing that.

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