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Pacific Baby Teats (2pack)

As your baby grows, adjust the speed of the teat or have extra for convenience

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  • Natural shape resembles mother's breast
  • Fits Pacific Baby Thermal bottles
  • Teats available in Slow, Medium and Fast Flow
  • Comforms to EN14350 and other international safety standards

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Testimonials & Reviews

Keeping drinks cool is cool, up to 6 hrs is fantastic. Being a busy parent and being on trains alot these are very handy. The sipper/drink top attachments are brilliant, preschool & beyond - value - tough as nuts, colourful and compact. Reliable and safe, wouldn't settle for less.

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More Information

These silicone teats are for use with Pacific Baby Thermal Bottles.

Pull the silicone teat through the bottle ring until the base of the teat fits snugly against the inner top of the bottle ring. Your teat is then ready to be attached to the bottle and used. The flow rate describes how easy it is for the milk or liquid to pass through the opening of the teat when baby starts to suck. Pacific Baby uses three flow rates: slow, medium and fast.

Slow is ideal for mist newborns, medium is generally good from about 3 months, and fast is generally good from about 6 months. However, no baby is the same, so you may have to try a few teats at different times to get the best fit for your baby.

Reember that breast milk is best for baby. When breast feeding is not an option, you can use this product for expressed milk, formula, juice or even water.

- always test temperature of liquid before feeding baby.
- do not put child to bed with bottle.
- always use this product with adult supervision (accidents have occurred when babies have been falling or if the product has disassembled).
- con tinuous and prolonged sucking of fluids will cause tooth decay.
- keep all components out of the reach of children.
- clean before each use.
- wash your product in warm soapy water and boil for 5 minutes before first use to ensure hygiene.
- do not allow to com into contact with solvents or harsh chemicals as this could damage the product.
Pacific Baby Teats (2pack) Pacific Baby Teats (2pack)
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