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Fertile Mind

Fertile Mind started with the belly belt invention, which transformed regular jeans and other pants into everyday maternity wear. The idea built into a blossoming business, with the belly belt leading the charge. Fertile Mind now provides maternity wear for every type of parent to nurse, birth, nurse and carry their children in an effective manner.

The Fertile Mind brand is built around the mind of a woman who needed solutions to everyday parenting needs. From maternity dresses to Hug a Bub Baby wraps, Fertile Mind works to educate parents of all experience levels. The Fertile Mind company is a community of mothers who work together to find solutions to common problems, from the Fertile Mind employees to the wonderful folks who purchase the Fertile Mind products.

Some other items you can find at Fertile Mind include:

  • The 6WayDress
  • The Bando
  • The Belly Belt
  • The Milkbar
  • The SuperBra

There are no products available within this brand.