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Je Porte Mon Bebe Baby Slings

Je Porte Mon Bebe is the creator of the original knotless baby wrap that features a fast, lightweight alternative for baby wraps that cause problems. The Je Porte Mon Bebe brand is built on this baby wrap, and it leads the way in finding new ways to carry your baby without making the parent or baby uncomfortable. 

The Je Porte Mon Bebe philosophy is not only to provide a great way for parents to carry their childs, but to incorporate ways to listen to your baby and develop a bond without feeling restricted or stressed out.

The Je Porte Mon Bebe company offers expertise through tutorials and how-tos on their website, along with a wide selection of babywearing essentials such as wraps, t-shirts and coats. Je Porte Mon Bebe products are designed to work for people who are just getting started with the baby making process, and it’s the goal of Je Porte Mon Bebe to make babywearing easy for even the most scared beginners.

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