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About BellyBra

Well beyond what common maternity support belts provide, the BellyBra® provides all-over maternity support and RELIEF for your breasts, back, abdomen and pelvis. Many women have commented on the "snug and safe" feeling the BellyBra maternity support belt provides with its gentle, always-there assistance. The maternity belly band incorporated into the Bellybra is to fit snug and comfortable, not tight or binding.

The secret is in the back panel. It stretches in one direction, up and down. The non-constrictive, two-inch maternity band lifts weight off the pelvis, distributing weight equally between the shoulders. It makes sense that this helps to relieve back pressure and back pain! With the correct size, the BellyBra will relieve the simple pains brought on by pregnancy.

The BellyBra is perfect for that uncomfortable third trimester run, and can just as easily take care of business even earlier in your pregnancy, particularly if you are carrying multiples or are a plus-size mom-to-be. 

Read the Clinical Trial information about the BellyBra®.

How do I choose my size?

BellyBra maternity support is designed to fit snugly, but should not be tight nor constrictive. Choose your normal size using the table below (we’ve allowed for some breast and lots of tummy expansion!) but if you have put on a lot of weight, particularly in your maternity bra size, go up to the next size. The sizing chart below is based on your pregnancy bra size or pre-pregnancy t-shirt size if your frame has stayed the same, because the tummy part of BellyBra is so stretchy.

8-10 (US 6-8) = XSmall

10-12 (US 8-10) = Small

12-14 (US 12-14) = Medium

14-16 (US 16-18) = Large

16-18 (US 18-20) = XLarge

18-20 (US 20-22) = XXLarge

Available in black and white

*Please Note: if you believe that your hip measurement is above average to your bra sizing, please consider the next size up. Please call if you would like further advice.

Frequently asked questions 

How do I look after my BellyBra?

Simply treat it as you would a swimsuit or leotard. Hand wash and dry in the shade. Luckily it dries quickly, because you won’t want to be without it for long! Or buy two BellyBra maternity support garments!

Isn’t it too hot to wear?

BellyBra maternity support is as light as a one-piece swimsuit. It is a one piece stretchy garment that can be worn as outer or underwear. Too revealing for you? We suggest wearing an open cotton shirt over it on hot days.

Is it outer or underwear?

It’s up to you! If you prefer wearing a bra, the straps will be seen, so it may be best to cover with a top. Designed for support, the back of BellyBra maternity support is slightly higher than a normal tank-top or t-shirt, so you will feel a little more exposed than if you were wearing a top.


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