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enji maternity activewear pants

About ENJI Activewear

When our customers asked for activewear, we didn’t start at the gym. We looked at  the unique body shape and active lifestyle of a modern pregnant woman, and designed ENJI activewear pants.

Our café-ready range flatters, slims and catches the eye.

Enji gives women the confidence to know they hold their own in any situation – at the gym, the school pick-up or at the shops. Designed to be comfortable, Enji’s over belly band sits lightly on sensitive skin, and folds down to suit post-natal use. Extra spandex offers flexibility and the versatility to size a little up or down as baby grows. Super-sexy lines add interest to the dominant slimming black. Quick dry fabric makes washing Enji a breeze.

ENJI - born to be active.


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