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marsupi hip healthy baby carrier

marsupi baby carrier - the original compact, simple to use, baby carrier
(suitable from newborn 3.5 kg to 15 kg)

The Marsupi baby carrier is a wonderful solution for parents who enjoy babywearing and is especially popular with beginners. The Marsupi is optimised for the first months of life your baby and is sometimes referred to as the “little brother” of manduca baby carrier.

Super fast to wear

This baby carrier is super quick and easy: 

  • Fit the Marsupi belt around the waist, with the carrier hanging down
  • Place child in front of your chest, pull the carrier up between the legs
  • The shoulder straps cross over on your back, wrap around to front and fasten
  • Ready!

Provides a perfect fit

It is available in different sizes: 

  • Size S/M - 65 to 90cm (wearer's waist measurement)
  • Size L - 65 to 100cm (wearer's waist measurement)

In a Marsupi your baby rests directly on your body - and moves with your body's centre of gravity. The support panel extends outwardly over the back of your child, the shoulder straps bring your baby close up on you. 

The closures, that allow the shoulder straps to be closed, comfortably wrap around your back and secure at the front, so your baby is completely "wrapped". And the best part: You can individually open, tighten and fix the adjustment of the straps with your child in the carrier.

Comes with integrated headrest

Press studs are fixed to the shoulder straps and provides protection for your baby's head.

Newborns (and sleeping children) can already be worn in Marsupi. If the head restraint is not needed, it folds around to the outside and forms a soft support for your baby's neck. Alternatively, it is rolled up and fastened with only one press stud as a neck roll. 

Distributes the weight perfectly

Your baby's weight is distributed on the waist hip belt and wide, flat lying shoulder straps that are crossed on your back.

Offers you wearing options

Used as a front carrier, as well as a hip carrier for older babies!

We do not recommend the back carry position and babies do not face out in the marsupi baby carrier.

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