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Welcome to Fertile Mind Maternity Wear

Are you a mindful consumer?
We are building a community of tens of thousands of pregnant women and new parents who think carefully about how and where they spend their money.

Here's what we're about.
Firstly, we're a family friendly company so most of us do this job to support our babies and kids; children who will inherit this earth, in whatever condition we leave it in.
Secondly, we truly get that every product we sell has to potential to positively or negatively change their future, and that of your children, and their contemporaries all over the globe.
Thirdly, we act upon that information. We only sell certified organic cotton baby carriers because this is a good environmental choice second only to fabric made from recycled fibre. Don't be fooled by "greenwashing" by brands when making your choices, some falsely infer sustainable and environmental benefits (eg.  bamboo, wood pulp or eucalyptus - they are actually chemically processed viscose or rayon).
We know the ethical supply chains of our products, and our Hug-a-Bub and Newbie Love baby carriers are certified Fair Trade manufacture.
Our maternity accessories help you save money on maternity clothes by continuing to wear clothes you already own, this is a great part of our founder Christine's mantra REFUSE, REUSE, REPURPOSE, RECYCLE. In fact, Christine herself wears 90% recycled garments.
We are so very careful with the (where possible) sustainable packaging, quality, design and sizing of our maternity accessories and nursing pillows to ensure they offer a real and lasting benefit.

These are some of the reasons we have such good word of mouth recommendations. There are literally dozens of testimonials for our maternity accessories such as belly belt (my invention), maternity clothes, maternity tops, maternity jeans, baby carriers, breastfeeding pillows.  Feedback such as "Now I won't have to buy a whole set of larger clothes while I'm too small for maternity clothes. What a money saver!" (this is about bellybelt) or "It has been a godsend and worth it's weight in gold" (Milkbar). 

Some brands and items you may be looking for that we stock include bando (the luxury belly band), maternity hosiery, superbra, breastfeeding clothes, breastfeeding tops, the Milkbar nursing pillow,  the cool organic cotton manduca baby carrier range (including the manduca soft structured baby carrier endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Reflux Infant Support Association and manduca organic sling) as well as the breathable organic cotton Hug-a-Bub baby wrap carriers, which is the best newborn baby carrier brand. We also sell L'il Fraser Collection cotton swaddle wraps and cotton cot sheet sets.

We're always happy to take a call - our office number is 02 99050199 and anyone who answers should be able to help you.  I'm very proud of our customer service, and we're the recipient of a GOLD award in the Australian Customer Service Excellence Awards. 

All of us know what a nuisance it is to get the runaround from a company without satisfaction (especially when you have kids or are pregnant).
Enjoy browsing our online baby carriers, our award-winning nursing pillows and our maternity clothes online, and if you are an Eco-warrior in your own sphere, we’d love to chat with you.  We're also a community on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.