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BellyBra for Maternity Back Pain Support & Pregnancy Belly Support

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Testimonials and Reviews

Nearida Siv, Physio gave it 5 stars on 23/07/2014
“The Belly Bra provides an all-over support which provides relief from pain and instability for the lumbo-pelvic region during pregnancy. Clients are reportedly more comfortable in this garment as it doesn't restrict movement nor does it feel uncomfortable when sitting like other belts can do. We regularly recommend the BB in our clinic for our pregnant patients.”

Natasha Rai, Physiotherapist gave it 5 stars on 30/07/2013
“As a physiotherapist I often like to trial new products for clients so when I was pregnant I tried the belly bra. I found it extremely supportive and comfortable therefore began recommending it to my clients. I found it worked better than other pelvic stability belts as it was easy to fit, stayed in place and was more comfortable to wear whether you were sitting or walking. Clients also commented that their pain was less on days they wore the Belly Bra. Although I didn’t have pain, I found it most beneficial towards the end of the day as I started to tire and during exercise.”

Narelle Adams gave it 5 stars on 30/10/2012
“A friend recommended the BellyBra and I'm so glad she did! With 12 weeks to go I was suffering a lot with aching hips & lower back pain and since wearing the BellyBra it has completely gone. The worst part is when it comes to washing it as I don't like being without it! Even my doctor was impressed and said he had learnt something new.”

Clare Dingle, Physiotherapist gave it 5 stars on 24/10/2012
“I recommend the belly bra to my patients and I've had great feedback from those who have tried it. They find it very helpful in supporting their bump and giving them some back support. It also helps their posture.”

Cassy gave it 5 stars on 28/10/2011
“I wanted to write to say what a lifesaver Fertile Mind has been for me so far in my pregnancy.I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and I live in my black and nude superbra's which I found at Mothercare and until that day had been really uncomfortable as it was still too early for a maternity bra but my boobs were extremely sore - I started off with one and had to buy another so I didn't have to go a day without wearing one! I then bought the belly belt which is awesome as I can still wear my favourite Levi's! I have 2 x Bando's which I wear every day and are fantastic to support my back and to stop me flashing now my tops are slowly riding up!I LOVE my Seraphine Danni skinny jeans - they are quickly replacing my Levi's as my favourites.I've just ordered a Bellybra which I cannot wait to receive. I'm now saving up to buy a 6 way dress which I've heard are awesome. GREAT work Christine and the team, Fertile Mind has made my first 15 weeks much easier and I'm sure the next 25 will feature much more!”

Sam gave it 5 stars on 26/05/2011
“I am writing to give you my complete 'stamp of approval' for the BellyBra that I have had for 2 weeks now. I must say I was hesitant at first to get the bra because of the cost and the uncertainty of whether it would help me. In my last pregnancy (seven years ago) I was bed ridden from 18 weeks with a separated symphisis pubis and to get around I used a wheelchair or walking frame. 3 months before I fell pregnant this time I had fractured my sacrum and my back was still pretty tender, so that coupled with my previous pelvic problems I was a walking time bomb! At 27 weeks my lower back and pelvis started to ache so badly that by 4pm I had to sit down and rest for the rest of the evening, with 3 active boys this is near impossible. My sister told me about your product and after some convincing (as I really believed nothing would help) I tried the BellyBra. This has in all seriousness kept me upright! I had a huge 3 days last week, I went out to see a band, the next day a children's party and then the following day I spent 4 hours walking at a market, and I was still able to come home and cook dinner. I seriously would not have been up to doing one of those things 3 weeks ago, I am so surprised at the difference it has made, I am a real convert, it has changed the way the next couple of months are going to be for me. I am more than delighted, I just hope you get it into the mainstream very soon to help others like me, I seriously couldn't recommend it highly enough. Thank you and congratulations on getting your hands on this bra, it truly has helped me so much. ”

Ann gave it 5 stars on 26/05/2011
“This is my first pregnancy and I've been fortunate as I've had a drean run all the way through, but 2 weeks ago at 25 weeks I suddently developed an ache in my lower abdomen that started as a twinge in the morning, but by evening I'm dealing with a constant dull pain, I find it nearly impossible to bend over and when changing from sitting to standing I would be bent at the waist in pain until things adjusted. My doctor told me it's the muscles stretching & it's not common in a first pregnancy but it can happen, but that if the pain gets too severe I should take a Panadol. I had heard about the BellyBra (I already own a treasured BellyBelt) and I decided to try that as even before I became pregnant I've always preferred not to take any form of painkillers.Well, before I purchased the BellyBra yesterday I had been hobbling around the shopping centre trying to get things done & feeling the pain get gradually worse. I tried on the BellyBra and decided I was wearing it immediately as I could feel an instantaneous improvement in my posture, I've had lower back pain before and whilst I've not had it yet during this pregnancy, I'm hoping tp avoid it. For the first time in 2 weeks the pain didn't get worse as the day went on, it got better until by last night all I felt was the occasional twinge if I moved too quickly. I had energy again to do things around the house instead of wanting to curl up in the couch feeling miserable.It was the best money I have ever spent. This happened for me in less than 12 hours and if I hadn't experienced it for myself & probably would have been a bit dubious. I had a peaceful sleep last nigh, none of my usual tossing and turning trying to get comfortable & no leg cramps either!I can't thank you enough Christine, you have changed my life! I am going to purchase another one in white and I will recommend the BellyBra to anyone that experiences pain similar to what I have. After such a lovely 6 months, I was starting to dread the final 3 months of pregnancy because I knew the pain would get worse as bubba getts bigger, but now I feel like dancing!”

Sharon gave it 4 stars on 26/05/2011
“I just ordered another BellyBra since the one that I bought last week have been worn constantly! Thank you SO much for your great service. I look forward to receiving my second BellyBra so that I can wear one day and night! It just gives me so much relief. ”

Belinda gave it 4 stars on 04/05/2011
“I just recieved my BellyBra today and put it on straight away, WOW the differece I felt was amazing, I am 25 weeks pregnant and now looking forward to growing bigger with support to my back and tummy. Thank you”

Kate gave it 5 stars on 16/03/2011
“Thanks for getting my Belly Bra out so super-fast – I ordered it on Sunday and it was waiting for me in the letter box on Tuesday afternoon!My job means that I am on my feet for about 10hrs a day, and it has made a big difference to how good I am feeling at the end of yet another long day.Thanks Fertile Mind!Kate(26weeks)”

Karen gave it 4 stars on 04/11/2010
“This is the best thing I could have ever bought. I was having lots of belly pain with all the growth and when I wear the BellyBra it helps alot. It is like it just holds all the weight. Just wish more maternity and lingerie stores stocked it. ”

Danielle, Store Manager at Baby Village gave it 5 stars on 13/10/2010
“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the bellybra – it has been so comfortable and definitely makes a difference.”

Sarah gave it 5 stars on 11/08/2010
“I received my package on Monday. What speedy delivery! My belly bra is soooo comfortable. With a back injury, anything that helps support it is welcomed. This is much more comfortable than the back brace I usually wear. Thankyou so much! ”

Sonia gave it 5 stars on 17/06/2010
“Best invention for pregnancy ever! From the first wear I felt less discomfort from my 29 week bump. Especially good for long walks with the dog where previously I had some ligament and muscle pain, with the BellyBra I had none at all. Fertile Mnd are also great - I ordered over the phone late in the afternoon and it arrived the next morning! Excellent product, excellent service! ”

Best Buys 4 Baby - www.bestbuys4baby.com.au gave it 5 stars on 24/08/2009
“Pros:- smart design- comfortable - clinically proven to provide back pain relief Cons:- extra layer in summer Design and FeaturesThe BellyBra is a bit like a sports bra but for your belly. It features a cross over back, stretch back panel and wide support band at the waist.It is made of a nylon spandex mix and comes in black, white and beige, sizes XS to XXXL (up to size US 22).Performance and DrawbacksThe stretch panel on the back of the BellyBra is quite tight and strong. It gently pulls back your shoulders to reduce the strain of your growing belly on your back and improve your posture.The wide hip band is lower at the front to comfortably stretch over your belly. It is designed to take the pressure off your pelvis and redistribute the pregnancy weight to between your shoulders.The rest of the BellyBra is made from a lightweight fabric that's about the same thickness as a spandex singlet or undies. It has quite good non-wire bust support so you can wear it with or without a bra and it’s comfortable to wear to bed.It's primarily for use in the third trimester but you can wear it beforehand, especially if you are having twins. If there is an excess of fabric in the front you can tuck it into the waistband until you grow into it.The most important thing about the BellyBra is that Australian clinical trials have shown that it is effective in providing back pain relief during pregnancy and a reduction in the use of pain relief medication. You can't get a better endorsement of its effectiveness than that.Fertile Mind suggest you can wear the BellyBra as an outer garment and this would be very comfortable in summer but I'd say each to their own with this one, its a bit too underwear looking for me.Conclusion:The BellyBra gets its rating of 10 because it's been clinically proven as being effective in providing back pain relief, it comes in a good range of sizes and colour options and is the only product of it's type available.Approximately 50% of pregnant women experience back pain during pregnancy and most experience some sort of discomfort sleeping so any product that offers relief is worth it's weight in gold.About BellyBra:The BellyBra was invented by a US mom and is now recommended by many pregnancy specialists for the relief of back pain and bad posture caused by pregnancy.”

Jodie gave it 5 stars on 12/02/2009
“The BellyBra is a fantastic product, it has saved my back... I don't know why I didn't get one for my first child. ”

G.B. gave it 5 stars on 23/07/2008
“Just when I felt my tummy would fall to my knees, the BellyBra maternity support was there to hold me up. I loved it to death. ”

Alicia gave it 5 stars on 17/07/2008
“The BellyBra was the best investment I made being pregnant. ”

Michelle Murphy gave it 5 stars on 07/03/2008
“This is the first time in my entire life I've felt compelled to write to any company about anything, however I couldn't just sit back and let this go un-said. I read an ad for the BellyBra in this month's Sydney's Child magazine (picked up at my Ob/Gyn's surgery!) and from there went to the website, and further to Babies Galore at Castle Hill to purchase one, just to see what it was like. That was on Saturday, and I haven't taken the thing off except to wash it and frantically wait for it to dry (going to buy another today!). It is AMAZING! I'm only 25 weeks along (with my 2nd) but already tracking at 29 weeks and it's just ALL belly...has been amazingly uncomfortable for my back, legs (sciatica) and just the general belly ligament strains etc, especially at night when I turn over in bed. The Belly bra has fixed EVERY PROBLEM (even the sciatica!!), like some kind of magical device. I am just overwhelmed! My husband thanks you too, by proxy! No more groans from me each night as I turn in pain. I almost feel like I'm not pregnant. I work from home and do a lot of bending over too, and this has removed that feeling of being about to topple forward! It's so stylish too - finally I can wear some of my low-cut maternity tops without a hideous maternity bra sticking out the top. I have cleavage again!!! Anyway - just wanted to say THANK YOU from an incredibly happy customer - I have been spreading the word to every pregnant woman I know. Keep up the fantastic work! ”

Jiselle Harb gave it 4 stars on 12/01/2008
“I love my BellyBra, which is a bump and back support singlet. It stretches over my belly and sits just under it to hold the weight, and it's so sleek, it can be worn under any outfit. ”

S.M. gave it 4 stars on 14/12/2007
“I was given the BellyBra maternity support as a gift. Wow! It is the best gift I have ever received. This is my second child and I am more than ready to have this baby. The fact that the BellyBra maternity support is so pretty and it makes me feel not as fat, is enough to get my vote as a great product. ”

Celeste gave it 5 stars on 01/08/2006
“I found the BellyBra to be an absolute lifesaver. It was terrible when I had to wash it as I found it good to sleep in and essential during the day!! If there is a next time I will definitely be getting another!! ”