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BellyBelt Combo - The ultimate maternity wear solution!

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Testimonials and Reviews

Rose Ellis gave it 2 stars on 16/05/2016
“I bought one of these for my last pregnancy because I thought I could save some money and keep wearing my regular clothes. This product does what it says it does, but the truth is I just felt too uncomfortable in my regular clothes and with the idea of walking around with my pants undone. I finally bought proper maternity clothes and I wish I had done that from the start!”

Tara Inch gave it 5 stars on 22/11/2012
“The BellyBelt is a great product has really allowed me to utilise my current wardrobe...fantastic - everyone should make the small investment in this product. Very satisfied customer :)”

Vesna gave it 4 stars on 10/08/2011
“Just wanted to say 'Thank You.' The BellyBelt is wonderful and I am so so glad that a product such as this was created.”

Kelly Beckett gave it 4 stars on 26/05/2011
“I think the BellyBelt is one of the greatest inventions made. I was able to continue wearing my normal pants instead of buying maternity wear.”

Jennifer Williams gave it 5 stars on 26/05/2011
“... the best things I've ever bought. BellyBelt & Bando.”

Megan from Just Maternity, Sydney gave it 5 stars on 26/05/2011
“If your own clothes are digging in, but you're not quite ready to get into maternity bottoms yet, the BellyBelt is a really clever way to bridge the gap. They also make a great gift for a friend who's just announced that they're expecting.”

Claudia Makgill gave it 3 stars on 17/05/2011
“I just wanted to comment on your belly belt, which I purchased a few months ago and has mostly saved my wardrobe. I'm almost 6 months and still have not bought any maternity bottoms. My only issue with the belts is the hook and slide belts that fit NONE of my existing clothes. Your hook and slide are bigger than the hook and slide on all my clothes. Can I suggest you keep your slide the same size as it currently is (so clothes with larger hooks will still fit) but make your hooks smaller, so all the clothes with smaller hook and slide sets can still be used with the belt. A great idea that just needs a little tweeking to be perfect.”

Hayley gave it 4 stars on 01/03/2011
“I found jeans were uncomfortable to wear farly early on, but then I bought a BellyBelt, which has been great.”

Tara Moss gave it 5 stars on 01/03/2011
“One of the best things I bought was the BellyBelt from Fertile Mind. It stretches comfortably over my bump, helps streamline tops and prevents the embarrassong issue of having jeans and pants slip down too far while sitting down.”

Megan Matthew gave it 5 stars on 01/11/2008
“In my first trimester, a BellyBelt was essential so I could wear my Diesel jeans.”

Tanya Newell gave it 5 stars on 07/11/2007
“I am proud to refer your products BellyBelt & Bando to all my friends and family, it's a great invention.”

Sue, mother of Alyssa gave it 5 stars on 05/10/2007
“I lived in the BellyBelt all through my pregnancy. Depending on the pants/top combo I was wearing, you could sometimes see the zipper was down, so I covered that with one of those bellyband (Bando) things.”

Lisa Wilson gave it 5 stars on 06/02/2007
“I tried the BellyBelt and was able to use my normal jeans right until the end of my pregnancy. I loved it!”

Kylie Amber gave it 5 stars on 14/11/2006
“The BellyBelt is Pure Genius! what else can I say.”

Belinda Hawkins gave it 4 stars on 14/04/2005
“At 28 weeks I am still wearing my BellyBelt and I have found it invaluable, especially early on when maternity clothes were too big. I'll be more than happy to put in a good word for your product with every pregnant woman I know.”