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Webmasters - you are most welcome to create a link to our site - we like "text" links as per the example below, but feel free to use a graphical one if it fits your site layout better. 

If you would like us to link to your site, we are happy to do so on the condition that you add and maintain your link to us. 

1.) add the link to us as shown below

2.) Email your request to; info@fertilemind.com.au

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Here is the preferred detail we'd like to see on any link to us;

Title: Fertile Mind - Maternity Wear, Baby Carriers, Reusable Nappies & Baby Goods

URL: http://www.fertilemind.com.au

Description: Maternity wear, Baby carriers, reusable nappies and baby goods by mums for mums selected from the best baby products and brands. We also offer maternity bras, breastfeeding pillows, maternity clothes and maternity jeans.